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    Rainbow Beach the perfect holiday location all year round

Delphi and family

Delphi and family

Where did the name 'Delphi's on Rainbow' come from?

Meet Delphi the beautiful, funny Rotti who we named Delphi's Holiday Home after. She and her sister Belle

were the inspiration for our holiday house at Rainbow Beach. In the early days there were not many

Pet Friendly holiday homes around and those that were available were mostly very basic accommodation.

Back to Delphi! Delphi  and her sister Belle were with us in the beginning when we found the land at Rainbow Beach that would become the location of 'Delphi's on Rainbow' 

Delphi did get the opportunity to romp on the beach at Rainbow (hence the 'on Rainbow' name).  Sadly Delphi succumbed to cancer before we were able to build the house. It was only natural that the house should be named in her honour'

We have been priviledged to have many wonderful dogs share our lives. As we move on from Delphi's on Rainbow we would like to introduce you to all our fur family that enjoyed Rainbow with us.

Delphi and Belle, the original inspiration and  April, Bruno, Harley and Emmie who followed.

As we move on from 'Delphi's on Rainbow' we would like to take this opportunity to thank all our wonderful fur and feathered guests and their families who have shared this special place with us.

We are glad you will be able to continue to make memories here, as Delphi's on Rainbow'  will remain a Pet Friendly Holiday Home.

We wish you all the very best.  Rachel and Shayne Whitlock

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As always Dogs of all sizes are most welcome to stay at Delphi’s on Rainbow